Does anyone owe you money?

There are two mechanisms to demand payment from the debtor: the extrajudicial channel and the judicial channel. Initially, we will try the friendly or out of court way: What does it mean?

That this phase is always prior to any judicial proceeding that we initiate later in front of the debtor / defaulter. It is about avoiding going to trial and the costs of hiring a lawyer and attorney. And, equally, it is important because its objective is not only to recover the debt but to collect the necessary information and documentation, which will serve as a support for a subsequent judicial claim if the recovery were not effective.

How is it done? Our advice is to have a first approach by contacting the debtor by telephone, with the aim of producing a debt recognition on your part. At this point, the creditor must remind the debtor of the payment methods, as well as if the debtor cannot pay the debt in a single payment, a payment installment agreement or a deduction of the amount can be reached.

If after the collection time, the debtor has not complied, it is recommended to send a friendly letter or e-mail of debt claim, it will indicate that there is a delay in payment.

If, despite attempts to claim default, no response is obtained, a request will be sent to the debtor, that is, a Burofax, with acknowledgment of receipt and certified copy. This letter will require payment and will indicate the legal consequences of not satisfying the debt.

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