Procedural Law


The Procedural Law area is made up of a team of highly qualified lawyers with extensive forensic experience, in permanent training and updating.

In legal assistance to clients through their representation and defense in court in all national and international jurisdictional orders. , and especially in the specialized civil, mercantile, administrative and criminal litigation defense, advice in situations of business insolvency, as well as in the resolution of conflicts through arbitration, mediation and other alternative methods of resolution.

  1. Declarative and enforcement civil proceedings.
  2. Special Proceses.
  3.  Mercantile processes. Processes Challenge of company agreements
  4.  Responsibility of administrators, auditors and liquidators.
  5. Intellectual and industrial property
  6. Advertising. Unfair competition
  7. Procedures for applying Community competition rules.
  8. Inheritance division processes.
  9. Contractual and tort liability.
  10. Property. Leases.

Representation and defense both before the ordinary and constitutional jurisdiction, as well as before the jurisdictions of foreign States, and before the Court of First Instance and the Court of Justice of the European Community, before the Commission and the European Court of Human Rights, as well as, where appropriate, before other international tribunals, agencies, and bodies that demand litigious assistance.


  1. In coordination with the commercial and fiscal area, it intervenes and directs all kinds of civil procedures.
  2. Insolvency proceedings.
  3. Debt reorganization agreements and covenants.
  4. Business crisis situations through the application of measures for bankruptcy or liquidation of companies.
  5. Company restructuring.

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