Administrative Law

We have a long experience of advising and representing our clients in relations and negotiations with public administrations, as well as in their defense in court. We also assist the Administration in the elaboration of regulations, drafting of urban planning plans, search for solutions in particularly complex cases of conflict, and we take their defense to trial.

  1. Contracting with the public sector from advising on the preparation of the offer to monitoring the execution of the contract
  2. Patrimonial responsibility of public administrations
  3. Electric sector
  4. Tourism law
  5. Environmental law
  6. Renewable energy law
  7. Law on property or property
  8. Conditions for aeronautical easements
  9. Forced expropriations
  10. Administrative intervention and promotion (easements, authorizations, subsidies, etc.)
  11. Penalty law
  12. Administrative and contentious-administrative mediation

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