Labor Law

Our work area covers a particularly delicate aspect of business development. The firm advises and represents both medium and large individuals and legal entities with the agility and immediacy that this matter requires. Our objective is to optimize customer resources in the field of labor relations and Social Security. The labor department works closely with the other departments of the firm, especially with those of commercial, public and bankruptcy law.

  1. Prevention and solution of labor contingencies, restructuring and adaptation of templates, taking into account both economic and social aspects.
  2. Hiring and modification of working conditions.
  3. High direction.
  4. Collective bargaining, employment regulation files, both extinctive and suspensive, of reduction of working hours and salary drop.
  5. Dismissals, transfers, displacements, sanctions.
  6. Procedures derived from occupational diseases, accidents at work and prevention of occupational risks.
  7. Challenge to the acts of the Labor Inspectorate and Social Security.
  8. Contentious procedures before the mediation, arbitration and conciliation services and courts and tribunals of the social order and administrative litigation.

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