Practice Areas

Procedural law

We carry the legal direction of procedures in civil order, both jurisdictional and arbitration. We are an expert law firm in automobile law

Banking law

We are currently handling more than 3,000 litigation cases. Our adaptation to rigorous quality requirements and our optimal service sets us apart from other firms

Criminal law - economic

Natural and legal persons. We especially represent partners, administrators and commercial entities in crimes against patrimony and socioeconomic order

Commercial law and soc.

We provide comprehensive advice in all areas of commercial practice from recurring to the most sophisticated work, both companies and individuals

Tax law

The tax area of ​​the firm offers permanent or specific advisory services to Spanish and foreign companies, multinational groups and individuals

Real estate law

Integrated practice with administrative law, urban planning and the environment to attend in an integrated way to real estate transactions.

Labor law

Our work area covers a particularly delicate aspect of business development. The firm advises and represents all kinds of people

Administrative law

Long experience of advising and representing our clients in relations and negotiations with public administrations, as well as in their defense in court