Banking Litigation

Our specialized bank litigation department serves the interest of banking activities in the Iberian Peninsula. We have been lending our experience for the past 20 years in complex matters as well as mass litigation proceedings. We are currently managing more than 3,000 cases.

Our adaptation to rigorous quality requirements as well as providing technical skill sets us apart from other firms. We have developed our own Information System to keep track of control for each procedure that our lawyers manage.

Our activities in banking judicial matters :

  1. Criminal and civil proceedings derived from illegal occupation of assets.
  2. Criminal proceedings for damage and theft of assets.
  3. Possession procedures in general.
  4. Eviction procedures for non-payment of income or expiration of the contractual term of all types of assets.
  5. Verbal, ordinary procedures and monitoring of claims made by communities of owners.
  6. Administrative procedural documents, allegations and administrative appeals derived from Administration requirements.
  7. Administrative procedures.
  8. General contracting conditions.
  9. Complex financial products.
  10. Public offering of subscription and sale of shares.

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