Commercial appraisals

Jiménez Astorga Abogados y Consultores complements its portfolio of services with the preparation of commercial appraisals. Knowing the need of our clients in the litigation area, we have professionals who are members of the Illustrious College of Commercial Experts of Madrid for the presentation of reports in defense of the interests of our clients.

Our reports are based on Evidence, Preclusion and Sufficient Evidence.

Issuance of judicial reports

  • Damage Assessment and Loss of Profit Business 
  • Valuation Economic 
  • Criminal proceedings 
  • Annual Accounts Opinions 

What is a Commercial Expert ?

They are expert professionals in business and commercial economic matters who carry out the expertise. Therefore, they assess and make situation reports at the level of business administration and accounting using the information, data and accounting records of business activity for analysis.

What  a commercial expert does?

A commercial expert is in charge of analyzing and evaluating the information of a company or a commercial process. Ensuring legality, looking for and reporting fraudulent or irregular situations. All the conclusions of the analysis carried out must be detailed in an expert report.

Therefore, a forensic business expert has two equally important areas of knowledge to practice as an expert. The economic area and the legal area. From a legal perspective, a commercial expert must ensure regulatory and legal compliance with the situation that is being assessed. All economic activity, whether of a business or commercial nature, is contextualized in legal regulations that must be complied with. One of the fundamental functions of any commercial expert is to analyze that everything complies with the law within those activities. The second, and no less important, is that from the economic point of view all the information and movements produced by the activity must be analyzed, analyzing the veracity and traceability of that information.

The report or commercial appraisal will be essential as a tool to justify the claimed damages against third parties or judicial instances.