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Jimenez Astorga Abogados

Sinde 1950 offering
global legal advice
of the best quality.

Jimenez Astorga Abogados y Consultores law and consulting firm founded in 1950 by Don Ernesto Jiménez Navarro. A prestigious firm created to offer all its customers a global legal advice based on the excellence on the work development and high quality. Since its Constitution Jimenez Astorga lawyers and consultants have been incorporating lawyers with a wide experience in leading companies and other major law firms, as well as from civil servants bodies of the highest prestige, combining a model of organization that allows the firm to offer both experience and a deep knowledge of the law practice. In this way we have suited our development and professional services to the evolution of the new emerging society.

We understand our clients business. We make every effort to analyze the main characteristics of our clients in relation to the market in which they operate.



is based on:


Our lawyers have a great knowledge and experience in the matters of their competence, which allows us to attend to the needs of our clients in a practical and effective way.


We provide a permanent dedication and a personal and immediate attention to our clients. We anticipate your needs and keep you informed at all times of the progress and prospects of your affairs.


We put ourselves in the place of our clients and we look for the most beneficial solutions in each case, exploring all possible alternatives and offering the most convenient one.


General Oraá Street, n. 5
28006 Madrid - Spain
+34 917 451 412


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