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Our extensive experience in the provision of legal services has made us understand the frequent need of our clients to not only receive litigation counseling but also a comprehensive business consulting service in order to support economic decision making.

Our team of consultants is formed by professionals, all of whom have been and are linked to the business world. We can provide specific technical counseling to entrepreneurs by providing objective and accurate information. We provide the appropriate tools to strengthen their corporate structures as well as design and implement strategic plans in the short, medium and long term.

Thanks to our network of international contacts and agreements with collaborators and partners in Europe, America and Middle East we have the adequate resources to provide internationalization services to our clients.

Cuba and Central America


Jimenez Astorga Abogados y Consultores and Centro Internacional de La Habana have formed an International Economic Association to provide consulting services to cuban entities and international investors.

We specialize in business services aimed at channeling investments to the Republic of Cuba. Our services provide support to the investor in all the necessary arrangements for their establishment in the Cuban market. Formed by qualified professionals with an extensive experience in business development.

Our main activities are as described below.

Market Research for the introduction of products and services in Cuba

Experience has shown us the importance of conducting a preliminary study of the market conditions for the implementation of any product or service in the Republic of Cuba. We believe this study is of vital importance since the success of the investment will depend upon the results obtained.

Business Portfolio

Due to our business activities and relations with the state owned business system we are aware of the main business opportunities that are currently on the market. We have created a business portfolio of opportunities for its development in Cuba. They are the broadest spectrum, from industrial, manufacturing, services, tourism, etc.

Preparation of documentation for the approval of Business activities

We have the expertise in the preparation of the administrative files and documentation for the approval of the business activity. This documentation is mandatory and prior to the authorization of any business activity by the Cuban authorities. The preparation of reports and feasibility / financial studies of the project needs to be adapted to pre-established requirements.

Administrative procedures before governmental bodies

Our knowledge based on years of work experience gives us a deep understanding of the appropriate way of proceeding before governmental bodies. The bureaucratic efforts can become a real burden before the start of any activity. We provide mechanisms to facilitate such arrangements.

Business Address in Havana:

Calle 20, Nº 3108 e/ 31 A y 33 Miramar Playa


General Oraá Street, n. 5
28006 Madrid - Spain
+34 917 451 412


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